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6. How do I know if my vehicle is supported? 

At you’ll find a list of supported vehicles. The best way is to download and install MG Flasher for free, connect it to your car to check if is supported. Even though we support a wide range of ECU models, sometimes there are revisions that require our attention. If the app shows you it’s unsupported, contact us to see if we can add support for your specific ECU revision.  


Flashing license is VIN locked and each vehicle needs separated license. If you choose to sell a car with MG Flasher, the new buyer will have access to all purchases linked with that vehicle’s VIN. In case you choose to take your MG Flasher software with you to another car, we can do a license transfer too. The process will involve deactivating the original car using our app before activating the new car and providing us with both vehicle VINs. The car you will choose to transfer to must be supported. Transfers can only be performed once and do not apply for custom tunes. For details contact us at

13. Will flashing my car void my warranty? 


Please make sure that ignition is ON, carefully check your cable connection, check if your device supports ethernet adapter or OTG protocol (depending on which flashing cable/device you are using). 

16. What is MG Flasher’s ENET Wi-Fi Password?

The default password is “mgflasher".