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MG Flasher is able to unlock cars with certain “Low Security” software without having the ECU bench unlocked. Cars with “High Security” software will require a bench unlock. Cars with ECUs that were produced after 07.2020 have additional hardware security measures that will require a particular bench unlock. This particular bench unlock is currently only offered by Femto. Regular bench unlocks can be done by tuners that are familiar with modern BMW software. Please see our dealer map for a list of recommended shops. To determine whether your software requires a bench unlock, please refer to this page: Bench Unlock Required for Select BMW MG1, including new 07.2020+ ECUs .

18. I live in a very hot country, I just wanted to know if the tune will have any adverse effect cause of the severe weather here?

MG Flasher maintains the logic of the OEM protection functions and limiters implemented in the stock software. These parameters are adjusted according to demand when power is increased in each stage. As a result, your car will perform at a level that is safe for the engine. There will be no adverse effects caused by hot weather on a car tuned by MG Flasher.