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Check with the device’s manufacturer if your device is compatible with ethernet connectivity through a USB - Ethernet adapter for ENET cable support. Alternatively, if you are using an ENET Wi-Fi adapter, ensure your device has Wi-Fi connectivity. Here is a convenient table of requirements depending on the connectivity method you choose:



  1. Ethernet to USB adapter*

  1. ENET Wi-Fi Adapter

  1. ENET cable



Choose Micro-USB or USB-C adapter to match your device


iOS users should ensure Flight Mode is enabled and Wi-Fi disabled. The device should be ready to use, if not, configure your device to use an Automatic IP under “Settings” -> “Ethernet”. 


 Since iOS 15.0 Apple make some work to increase network traffic security. The app may ask you to grant a permission for communication with devices in local network. In our case its a car connected through cable and ENET adapter. If you notice the permission prompt make sure to accept it!


Android users must configure the ethernet adapter before first use. Under “Settings” -> “Connections” -> “More Connection Settings” -> “Ethernet” set the Static IP to Also confirm the following; Netmask:, DNS Address: and Default gateway: You may also need to disable Wi-Fi when connected with ENET cable.