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Custom Code v7.0.x (available with app version 369370) bring Switchable Maps for all G-Series and F-Series software!


titleCustom Code v5.4 (Outdated)

Using pedals

  1. Press the Brake Pedal 5 times consecutively within 5 seconds and then hold the Brake Pedal on the 5th press. You should notice the Check Engine Light begin to blink; this is a confirmation marker that tells you if you have performed this first step correctly. If you do not encounter a blinking Check Engine Light, then you must check the condition listed above and retry Step 1.

  2. While the Check Engine Light is blinking, fully press and hold the Gas Pedal to W.O.T (wide open throttle) position. The actual engine RPM WILL NOT rise during this procedure, so there will be no chance of over-revving the engine. The RPM gauge will immediately point to the currently saved map-set (ie. 2000 RPM = Slot #2). If no map-set was previously selected, then you will see RPM go directly to a value of 0 indicating the default map-set. Steps 1 & 2 allow the user to see the currently selected map-set.

  3. To select a new map-set, fully press and hold the Gas Pedal to W.O.T (while still pressing the Brake Pedal from Steps 1 & 2) for a period of 5 seconds or longer. The map-set will coincide with the current state of the

Driver Experience Switch and MSA Button.

  • ECO = Slot #1 (1000 RPM)

  • COMFORT = Slot #2 (2000 RPM)

  • SPORT = Slot #3 (3000 RPM)

  • SPORT+ = Slot #4 (4000 RPM)

  • SPORT or SPORT+ and 2 quick MSA presses = Slot #0 (0 RPM) (Default)


Important! when switching to Slot #0 (default) after rpm gauge switch to 0 RPM you must release gas pedal within 5 seconds , if you hold it for longer time the ecu will switch to Slot #4

In case your BMW does not have SPORT+ mode you will be limited to Slot #1, #2, #3 and reverting to Slot #0 is possible from SPORT mode by the same sequence - SPORT and 2 quick MSA presses

Within the 5 seconds of holding the Gas Pedal at W.O.T position (while still holding the Brake Pedal) you will notice the RPM on the dash will reflect the choice you have selected (ie. 3000 RPM = Slot #3).

Release the Brake and Gas Pedals fully to exit the selection process. RPM on the dash will return to actual engine RPM and the Check Engine Light will stop blinking. Now you can enjoy your newly selected map-set!