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  • Flashing license: In order to flash any OTS maps, a flashing license is required. This license allows an unlimited amount of flashing to the assigned vehicle (VIN locked). It also enables diagnostics and “Custom Flash” option. Original map will be available; it is automatically stored on your device and our servers with license activation. You will be able to restore the ECU back to stock software anytime using “Stock” button from the flashing screen.

  • OTS map: With Flashing License you can purchase and flash OTS maps that are available for your car: Stage 1, Stage 2, and coming soon Stage 3.

  • Full OTS map pack: This is the most convenient and economical all-in-one package. No hassle with upgrade fees in the future! This will allow you to switch between maps of your choice. Includes all available OTS maps for your car (VIN locked). In case you already purchased single OTS map and would like to update your OTS map to different (higher or lower) versions, you will be presented with the option for a Full OTS map pack at a discounted price.