Bench Unlock Required for Select BMW MG1, including new 07.2020+ ECUs

MG1 ECUs manufactured after July 2020 are supported as of MG Flasher App v317. These ECUs MUST be shipped to Femto to be bench unlocked. Our MG Flasher App will detect the Femto bench unlock, and allow flashing via OBD with all MG Flasher custom options, functionality and our unique Custom Code (if applied at the Femto Labs). For more information, please contact Femto. It is critical to inform Femto that the ECU will be used with MG Flasher, in order to meet our Custom Code compatibility.

Download MG Flasher from the Play Store or App Store for free and connect to your vehicle using an ENET Wi-Fi adapter (or cable if you prefer); please refer to our User Manual for details on connecting to your vehicle. Once connected, press “Check for Support” to automatically check if your ECU requires regular bench unlocking service (built before 07.2020) or a special Femto bench unlocking service (built after 07.2020) or with boot control v04.00.03 and higher for Aurix (Gen 2) and boot control v03.00.81 and higher for Spc (Gen 1). If your ECU requires a bench unlock, please contact the closest Authorized Dealer who can provide this service by looking on our dealer map:

Only select bootloaders are supported in MG Flasher. We do our best to add support for all updates as soon as possible. You can determine the ID and version numbers in MG Flasher App (via “Diagnostic Page” -> “Read ECU”) or through E-sys. The following bootloader versions are supported (updated Jan 2022):

Gen 1

IDs: 3072, 3075, 306F, 3080, 3084, 3087

Low Security:


High Security:


Gen 2

IDs: 48DC, 4295, 3E4B, 6198, 5D53, 48D9, 48DB

Low Security:


High Security:


Low Security: Unlock these ECUs in App via OBD
High Security: Bench unlock is required

The app provides many fail-safe methods during flashing, and one of them is to detect if the ECU is unlockable via OBD. If it must be unlocked on the bench, we have enabled 3rd party unlock detection for greater compatibility with different bench tools. Magic Motorsport’s excellent FLEX tool is available for MG Flasher Authorized Dealers to purchase and use with our exclusive built-in unlocking method. MG Flasher’s unlock is unique and provides excellent features:

  • CVN is untouched (kept the same), helps with maintaining warranty

  • Flashing counter is frozen, helps with tune detectability

  • OBD read protection is applied, deterrent from software pirates

Please contact us for bench unlock instructions/details.


Our Authorized Dealers are capable of bench unlocks, however you may also use any other tuning shop that is equipped with bench tools to provide such a service. Please note that a bench unlock is subject to an additional cost determined by the third party that provides the service.

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