Max Cooling On-The-Fly

Instructions for using Max Cooling On-The-Fly can be found here:

Max Cooling will activate when antilag is active to provide maximum cooling capabilities!

Gen 2 vehicles: When Max Cooling is active, the radiator flap will also open!

Max Cooling On-The-Fly: with a simple button combination sequence, you can enable the Max Cooling option without re-flashing the car!

There will now be two option available for cooling your engine: Regular cooling and Max Cooling. Use “regular cooling” with regular driving, then switch to “Max Cooling” with a quick and easy button sequence. Max Cooling is achieved by lowering the target engine temperature and increasing the target intercooler coolant volume flow.

Flashing Options:

Once your car has been connected to the MG Flasher App and you’ve selected the stage/map to flash, enable the Cooling option from the Flashing Car Options page.

The Regular Target Engine Temperature option should be treated as preferable for everyday driving - that is set when Max Cooling On-The-Fly is not enabled.

The Max Cooling On-The-Fly option allows you to adjust: Max Cooling Target Engine Temperature and Max Cooling Target Intercooler Coolant Volume Flow.

Target engine temperature and intercooler coolant volume flow will change between your slider settings (configured before flashing) and the default values when toggling Max Cooling On-The-Fly. OEM target engine temperature is 110°C and the OEM intercooler coolant volume flow is 1500 L/h under full load operation. You can adjust the values from 90°C - 110°C and from 1500 L/h – 1800 L/h.


Max Cooling flashing options


MG Flasher @ 2021