Car diagnostics

MG Flasher users can read some diagnostics data from their car without any license requirements. To do that you have to switch to Diagnostics page which is accessible once a car is connected.

The Diagnostics page is specially dedicated for diagnosis, troubleshooting, reset adaption, restore coding, restore backup It contains following modules:


ECU Info:

Information regards ECU software and coding.

Read DTC:

Reads all error codes from the ECU with their description for troubleshooting.

Clear DTC:

Clears all error codes from the ECU.

Download Stock Map:

Downloads stock map available on the MG Flasher server.


Open Exhaust Flap:

Opens the exhaust flap. This may slightly improve performance.

Close Exhaust Flap:

Closes the exhaust flap.

Set Auto Exhaust Flap:

The ECU will automatically change the exhaust flap position, based on calibration/map.

Reset Adaptation:

Select to reset various adaptations such as mixture adaptation, VANOS, fuel system, Valvetronic Lift and increment wheel.

Reset ECU:

This will reset the engine ECU

Reset FEM:

Resets car’s internal network. May help with ENET connectivity issues.

Turn On Ignition:

Turns on the car's ignition.

Turn Off Ignition:

Turns off the car's ignition.

Open Wastegate:

Tests ability to open wastegate.

Close Wastegate:

Tests ability to close wastegate.

Set Auto Wastegate:

The ECU will automatically change the wastegate position, based on calibrations/maps.

Test Wastegate:

This test will let you know the minimum and maximum points for open and closed positions of the wastegate. It is used as a guide to adjust the wastegate arm to operate within safe limits.

Restoring Coding:

When the original coding is lost, corrupted or during the flashing was not performed you can restore coding manually. Go to “ECU info” to check coding status. Check the last position on the list example CAFD.X.X.X.

Uninstall/ Flash To Stock:

Restore factory software. This will uninstall MG Flasher and relock ECU. It will lock your ECU and increase flashing counter - flashing time ~5 minutes. If the ECU had a bench or Femto unlock, it will be entirely removed and require another unlock.

Partial ECU Backup:

Reads BTLD, PST & DST from ECU to bin file. Only available when ECU has not been activated/unlocked. Process will fail if it doesn't have fully stock software.

It is recommended to only use these options when requested by MG Flasher Support!

MG Flasher @ 2021