This section of MG Flasher allows you to log real time data and plot them into graphs for troubleshooting and optimizing. Logger is additional function available in MG Flasher. You can get Logger as additional product once Flashing license is already activated.


  • Please connect your car to the MG Flasher using Connect button.

  • After the successful connection press OPEN CAR button.

  • You should see the page with available Logger button

  • Changing Logging Units:

    • Open Logger

    • Open Settings

    • Click Units

    • Choose the Units that you wish to change

    • Click save and continue using the Logger


  • Auto logging function – when you press “Auto ON” logger will automatically start logging while you press the accelerator pedal faster which and stop logging when the pedal will be released for longer than 2 seconds

  • Settings - select add/remove the data that needs to be logged from available submenu list – default data is already preset with main parameters required by us if support needed.

  • Visible gauges configuration - press & hold your finger on gauge that you want to replace with another

  • Simple / complex gauges presentation - click on the gauge once to maximize the size of it, click again to back again to the previous state

  • Start / Stop - start or stop logging data to the file. Once you will click STOP the logger file will be accessible in LOGS page. Collected measures will be saved to *.csv format and can be exported or share for viewing and analyzing in different software or applications


The log should consist of a full acceleration drive at WOT (wide open throttle) across a large rpm range in a gear that is closely matching the engines output shaft rotational speed. To do this:

  • (Optional) It is recommended to attach your phone to the window or similar location using a holder for easy access to start/stop logging if need be.

  • Align the car on a long straight path.

  • Put the vehicle in Sport+ mode, with the shifter on the left (you will need to manually shift).

  • Slowly drive the vehicle until you reach 4th gear just under 2000 rpm and stabilize your speed.

  • Press start button 2-3 seconds before WOT (wide open throttle) to begin logging. You can start logging early and end well after the pull to ensure the full acceleration period is recorded. Optionally, press Auto button to enable automatic logging.

  • Enter full acceleration with WOT (wide open throttle) from 2000 rpm up until 6200-6800 rpm (if possible).

  • Press stop button to end log. When Auto enabled, logger will stop recording and resume when pedal is pressed WOT again.

  • Repeat the process in 3rd gear at 2000 rpm with a manual shift to 4th gear at 6000 rpm or higher.

This should give you two logs, 4th gear WOT and 3rd-4th gear WOT with shifting.

Automatic logging, as opposed to manually starting/stopping the logging session, is up to your preference. Logging is typically used to see how a vehicle is performing or to find problems with mechanics/software.

If you require our analysis of your created logs, you can upload the files to the Logs Cloud and sending the email with a proper prompt to info@mgflasher.com. Remember to include VIN number in your support request!

Please read the disclaimer on our website or the Terms and Conditions section of this document before using our product and be fully responsible while doing logs and exceeding allowed speed in your region.