Custom Tuners - Map Pack Guide for Custom Code

This guide along with the Map Packs from MG Flasher will help serve as a template for custom tuners who wish to provide their customers with custom tunes that they can flash via the MG Flasher platform. By following the template provided in the Map Packs, tuners can offer MG Flasher unique options such as: Switchable Maps On-The-Fly, Burbles, Max Cooling On-The-Fly and Antilag.

We provides GitHub repository where we share our files.

We strongly recommend to use GitZip for github - Chrome Web Store ( chrome/edge extension. It allows you to download only the specific files placed in repo.

How to install & use GitZip chrome/edge browser extensions

We provide tuners with the following: 


  • X_MultiMap_full_stock_data_Winols_project_CCv6.9_verXX.ols WinOLS projects (contains the below WinOLS files in a package) 

  • WinOLS map packs (available separately) 

  • X_original.bin - random, general b58/b48 Gen1 factory file (available separately)

  • X_original+stock_multimap_data_CC6.9.bin - custom data area applied (available separately) 


  • X_MultiMap_full_CCv6.9_verXX.xdf TunerPro Map Packs in *.xdf file formats (for use with original and stock multimap data) 

The X_original.bin is the stock OEM file (random general b58/b48 factory file).
The X_original+stock_multimap_data_CC6.9.bin is the original file, with stock values in the custom area present for each switchable slot.

X refers to the software/a2l nr. For example R1C9J8B3B_original.bin

You must copy example custom data area over your project from address 0x770000 - 0x775311.
Custom area map locations have the same addressing for all Gen1 B58, B48 swfl/pst versions (except main maps slot 0)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2 shows the organization of custom features found in the X_original+stock_multimap_data_CC6.9.bin file. 

The project has the custom features organized by having each one in its own section. All of the required maps for each feature are then contained within the feature’s section as a subfolder. 

Screenshot 2

Switchable Maps Structure

One of the custom features within the project is Switchable Maps On-The-Fly. The use of this feature allows for Custom Tuners to provide their customers with multiple calibrations on dedicated map Slots (0,1,2,3,4) that they can choose by using MG Flasher’s cruise control map switching method. 

Screenshot 3 outlines the structure of the MG Flasher Map Pack in WinOLS projects.

There are multiple ‘Main’ maps (Slot 0) which contain the stock calibration for the given parameter. Under each ‘Main’ section(Slot 0 – original OEM data), there is the corresponding ‘Switchable Maps’ section with dedicated maps for each Slot labeled ‘S1’, ‘S2’, ‘S3’, and ‘S4’. This structure is the same for the remaining switchable maps that we offer in our solution.

Screenshot 3


MDIOP X Map Slot 2 > Mdiop X axis (load) used only in Slot 2 

In our design, the KF_MDIOP_1_TQE map is not switchable due to the complexity of the overall function. However, due to demand, we have created a solution that allows the tuner to change the values on the X axis only in SLOT 2. This allows for the tuner to take advantage of a different configuration of the KF_MDIOP_1_TQE map X axis to increase load limiter only on SLOT 2 (originally 200 on B58 gen1).

KF_MDIOP_1_TQE X axis is only switchable for SLOT 2. 

SLOT 1, 3, and 4 use the main area X axis values for the KF_MDIOP_1_TQE map. 

Screenshot 4

Burble, Max Cooling and Antilag

The Data in these sections is always overwritten by the settings specified via sliders and options in the MG Flasher app. There is no adjustment needed to these maps unless you know what adjustment you would like to make manually. You can disable the option to adjust these settings from the app, and enable to code word within the our custom maps provided. 

Custom Flash permission must be enabled (CC v6.9)

In order for the Custom Map to be uploaded as CC v6.9, we need to turn on permission for the use of CC v6.9 for the customer’s VIN on our end. Please contact us in order to have this enabled. When flashing an OTS map, CC v6.9 should allow for the use of all our features, including Switchable Maps, Antilag, Burbles etc. If the permissions are not enabled by us on our end, when the Custom Map is uploaded to the car, it will be downgraded to CC v5.4.

Automation of these permissions are being developed currently and will be implemented at some point in the future. 

LABAS Offset

The values in this map CANNOT be changed. They must remain the same in order for the MG Flasher custom code to work. This information is noted within the Map Pack; however, it is extremely important to note that these values CANNOT be changed. 

Happy flashing!

If there are any questions and suggestions to help make this guide better, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

Antilag maps guide - coming soon!

MG Flasher @ 2021