Exhaust Flap On-The-Fly

Instructions for using Exhaust Flap On-The-Fly can be found here:https://mgflasher.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MGFLASHER/pages/684523574

Exhaust Flaps will open when antilag is active to provide maximum performance!

Custom Code v7.1 introduces the ability to control electronic Exhaust Flaps On-The-Fly, to open, to close and to return to OEM functionality. This feature is controls the flap in real-time, prior to accepting the flap status, you can sample it (hear how the exhaust sounds while open and closed). Safety has been added via load limiter. Once the load limit is exceeded, the exhaust flap automatically opens to allow additional air to flow and reduce exhaust pressure.

Exhaust Flap options


The ECU regains control over the flap and opens as originally programmed.

1000 RPM - Closed

Forces the ECU to close the exhaust flap.

2000 RPM - Open

Forces the ECU to open the exhaust flap.


MG Flasher @ 2021