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MG Flasher maintains the logic of the OEM protection functions and limiters implemented in the stock software. These parameters are adjusted according to demand when power is increased in each stage. As a result, your car will perform at a level that is safe for the engine. There will be no adverse effects caused by hot weather on a car tuned by MG Flasher.

19. How can I export application logs from the MG Flasher?

  • Tap the hamburger icon, situated in the top left corner of your screen, to reveal the side menu.

  • Navigate to the "About" section from this menu.

  • In the "About" section, you will find an option labelled "Share App Logs".

  • Choose the "Share App Logs" option. This action will generate a zip file with the logs.

  • Finally, forward the zip file to our customer support team for further analysis.

These logs can be instrumental in identifying and resolving any potential issues with the application.