1. What do I need to flash my car? 

One of the following: 

  • ENET Wi-Fi adapter (or cable with ethernet-USB adapter) - it is strongly recommended to use ENET Wi-Fi connection for its fast speed and to reduce the risk of cables disconnecting 

2. Will I be able to test MG Flasher without any purchases? 

You will be able to download app from store for free, connect to your vehicle and check if the car is supported. 

3. Do I need to connect battery charger for flashing procedure? 

Yes, battery charger is highly recommended especially for initial flashing. After the initial setup any next OTS Stage Flashes will be much faster and will not require charger however is still recommended. 

4. Can I return my car to stock? 

Yes! Anytime that you would like. You can also re-lock your ECU. 

5. Does my device need to be connected to my car all the time? 

No, only during flashing process, logging or reading data from your car. 

6. How do I know if my vehicle is supported? 

At www.MGFlasher.com you’ll find a list of supported vehicles. The best way is to download and install MG Flasher for free, connect it to your car to check if is supported. Even though we support a wide range of ECU models, sometimes there are revisions that require our attention. If the app shows you it’s unsupported, contact us to see if we can add support for your specific ECU revision.  

7. Do I pay separately for Flashing License and OTS map? 

Yes, flashing license is required for flashing. You may use stock maps with our custom code for features like burbles on-the-fly, cold start removal and more. For more details on this process, watch our instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-a7PkJs8Y4

8. I purchased map pack. Can I use different maps? 

Yes, you can switch between all your purchased maps however many times you want. 

9. If I flash my car back to stock and would like to flash it again, do I need to purchase another license and map? 

No, you can switch between stock and purchased maps as many times as you want. 

10. How many cars can I flash with one license? 

You will be able to flash one vehicle with 1 license. As the flashing license is VIN locked. However, you will be able to purchase another license for your second car. Our app supports multiple cars on the same device.  

11. Can I switch my license to a different account? 

Licenses are related to VIN not Google/Apple account. MG Flasher can be used on another device once connected to the vehicle and to our server. Perfect in the event you replace your phone. 

12. What happens to my tunes, if I switch to another vehicle? 

Flashing license is VIN locked and each vehicle needs a separate license. If you choose to sell a car with MG Flasher, the new buyer will have access to all purchases linked with that vehicle’s VIN. MG Flasher licenses, including OTS maps are only valid for the vehicle they have been redeemed on. If switching to a new vehicle, the desired licenses will need to be repurchased.

13. Will flashing my car void my warranty? 

Tuning changes software on your ECU and it may void your warranty. Our software is designed to keep CVN (Checksum Verification Number) and flash counter untouched. This means our software will be virtually invisible to dealer level diagnostic tools. 

14. Trying to download MG Flasher from App Store or Play Store and received not compatible device information. What do I do? 

Make sure your using at least Android 7.1 or iOS 10.0. 

15. Why I can’t connect to the car, I have good quality cable and newest software installed? 

Please make sure that ignition is ON, carefully check your cable connection, check if your device supports ethernet adapter or OTG protocol (depending on which flashing cable/device you are using). 

We strongly recommend to double check the https://mgflasher.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MGFLASHER/pages/24674327 .

16. What is MG Flasher’s ENET Wi-Fi Password?

The default password is “mgflasher".

17. Does the MG Flasher unlock the ECU, or would it be needed an ECU unlock at a bench before the first map programming?

MG Flasher is able to unlock cars with certain “Low Security” software without having the ECU bench unlocked. Cars with “High Security” software will require a bench unlock. Cars with ECUs that were produced after 07.2020 have additional hardware security measures that will require a particular bench unlock. This particular bench unlock is currently only offered by Femto. Regular bench unlocks can be done by tuners that are familiar with modern BMW software. Please see our dealer map for a list of recommended shops. To determine whether your software requires a bench unlock, please refer to this page: https://mgflasher.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MGFLASHER/pages/24313943 .

18. I live in a very hot country, I just wanted to know if the tune will have any adverse effect cause of the severe weather here?

MG Flasher maintains the logic of the OEM protection functions and limiters implemented in the stock software. These parameters are adjusted according to demand when power is increased in each stage. As a result, your car will perform at a level that is safe for the engine. There will be no adverse effects caused by hot weather on a car tuned by MG Flasher.

19. How can I export application logs from the MG Flasher?

  • Tap the hamburger icon, situated in the top left corner of your screen, to reveal the side menu.

  • Navigate to the "About" section from this menu.

  • In the "About" section, you will find an option labelled "Share App Logs".

  • Choose the "Share App Logs" option. This action will generate a zip file with the logs.

  • Finally, forward the zip file to our customer support team for further analysis.

These logs can be instrumental in identifying and resolving any potential issues with the application.

MG Flasher @ 2021