MG FlasherConnection Guide

Connection Guide

1. Requirements

Android and iOS users

  • Android 7.1, iOS 10.0 or newer operating system

  • ENET Wi-Fi adapter, ENET cable – It is strongly recommended to use ENET Wi-Fi connection for its fast speed and to reduce the risk of cables disconnecting

  • Ethernet to USB adapter if using ENET cable

Check with the device’s manufacturer if your device is compatible with ethernet connectivity through a USB - Ethernet adapter for ENET cable support. Alternatively, if you are using an ENET Wi-Fi adapter, ensure your device has Wi-Fi connectivity. Here is a convenient table of requirements depending on the connectivity method you choose:



  1. Ethernet to USB adapter*

  1. ENET Wi-Fi Adapter

  1. ENET cable


Choose Micro-USB or USB-C adapter to match your device

The Micro-USB plug was replaced on modern devices with USB Type C. Determine which of these two plugs is appropriate for your device and purchase any required adapters with the correct interface.  


Micro USB OTG adapter
USB Type-C OTG adapter


Left: Micro USB – OTG adapter.  Right: USB Type-C OTG adapter.



ENET cable (connected through an ethernet adapter to a phone)

We highly recommend purchasing good quality cables from source listed below. Some cables sold on the open market are poor quality/design and could lead to complications during the flashing process.

ENET cables, Ethernet adapters and OTG USB adapters can be purchased on Amazon or eBay.

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2. Configuration

To ensure your hardware is properly configured follow the instructions in this section. The first thing you may notice on your Android screen is a notification of MG Flasher requesting permission to access your connected peripheral. You must accept these requests for MG Flasher to connect to your vehicle.

Accept permission request to grant MG Flasher access to your peripheral.


ENET Wi-Fi Adapter

Plug the ENET Wi-Fi adapter into OBD port, open your device settings, find the appropriate Wi-Fi network and connect. On iOS, ensure you enable Flight Mode. Please note, that you must return to your local Wi-Fi or LTE/4G with internet connection to be able to check for support or download/buy new maps and then switch back to the ENET Wi-Fi connection once more for flashing. Your device may have the option to be connected to both the ECU via Wi-Fi and use Cellular Data for internet access if prompted with the follow screen:

Select "Use Cellular Data" for internet access in order to download maps

MG Flasher’s ENET Wi-Fi Default Password: "mgflasher"

ENET Cable

Please note, that you must return to your local Wi-Fi or LTE/4G with internet connection to be able to check for support or download/buy new maps and then switch back to the ethernet connection once more for flashing.

Prevent flashing failure from mechanical stress on the USB connection by leaving you device on a flat surface.

iOS users should ensure Flight Mode is enabled and Wi-Fi disabled. The device should be ready to use, if not, configure your device to use an Automatic IP under “Settings” -> “Ethernet”.

Since iOS 15.0, Apple made adjusted network traffic security. The app may ask you to grant a permission for communication with other devices in local network. MG Flasher uses this permission to find the vehicle’s ECU through an ENET adapter. If you notice the permission prompt, please make sure to accept it!

Android users must configure the ethernet adapter before first use. Under “Settings” -> “Connections” -> “More Connection Settings” -> “Ethernet” set the Static IP to Also confirm the following; Netmask:, DNS Address: and Default gateway: You may also need to disable Wi-Fi when connected with ENET cable.

In your device settings open “Connections” scroll down to “More connection settings” and open “Ethernet”.


Tap to enable Ethernet, click "Configure Ethernet device", select "Static IP" and enter the IP addresses above. Save.


If your vehicle was previously connected to another device (via ENET), please wait until the vehicle goes to sleep (~20min) or reset the FEM module manually (using E-Sys or disconnect the battery). Once the vehicle has “slept” or had the FEM reset, please attempt to connect with your phone/tablet once more.

Some devices with Android version 13 have problems with setting the static IP configuration using the configuration above. Please ensure your device have installed all software updates provided by the manufacturer before attempting to connect to avoid confusion.

3. Connections

Let’s review how to connect your newly purchased hardware to your smart device and BMW.

ENET Cable

Find the OBD II port (in the driver’s footwell) and plug in the ENET cable to the OBD II port. Connect the USB – Ethernet adapter to your device and the ENET cable to the adapter


ENET Wi-Fi Adapter

Locate the OBD II port (in the driver’s footwell) and connect the Wi-Fi Adapter to the OBD II port.

4. Usage

If you have followed along and gotten this far without any problems, your android device is now ready to use with MG Flasher. Launch the application and follow the usage instructions in our User Manual. Enjoy!


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