Vehicle requirements and preparation for flashing



The following conditions must be fulfilled when flashing the ECU in the car and will facilitate a safe flashing environment with the least risk of failure.

MG Flasher will only flash the engine management computer installed on the supported BMW vehicles.

  • Ensure your car have a well charged battery and furthermore one that is in good condition. We ask that if you have any outstanding concerns with the charging system of your car that you rectify these concerns before proceeding any further with any flashing procedure. Connecting your car to battery charger is highly recommended especially during the first flash (flashing time 4 – 6 minutes). After the initial setup OTS map flashes will take 15 -30 seconds. and will not require charger, however, we still highly recommend it. The charger should be connected to the designated charging points in the engine bay which can be found in your BMW User Manual. The Flasher is intuitive in the sense that it knows when the car battery is low and once it detects a low battery condition it will abort/prevent a start of the flash procedure. It is very important to keep the car battery within optimal voltage during flashing; we are not responsible for any damage to the ECU during flashing if above requirements are not met.

  • Make sure to turn off the radio, headlights, interior lights, AC/heating, heated seats as these are all electrical components that draw power from the battery. If you have installed any aftermarket components make sure to turn them off or disconnect them, this includes any piggyback hardware such as a JB4, which cannot be run in tandem with our software anyways.

  • Fasten the driver’s seat belt into its’ buckle as this will prevent the ignition from shutting off during the flashing process if you were to intentionally or unintentionally open or close your door.

  • If equipped, disable/turn off the in-car Wi-Fi hotspot.

Make sure that you have the latest version of MG Flasher installed on your device (with storage permissions allowed on Android). If you have the latest version of Google Play/App Store and your account remains in good standing, go ahead and download MG Flasher for free. Please ensure your phone battery is adequately charged.

MG Flasher @ 2021