MG Flasher - App


JR Auto Performance Inc. is pleased to present to you the MG Flasher App, which is the first in the world mobile application developed to provide OBD tuning capability of BMW F & G series equipped with Gen 1 & 2 B46, B48 and B58 engines.

MG Flasher has been prepared for Android and iOS users. The tuning process is simple; download MG Flasher, connect your peripheral (ENET Wi-Fi/cable adapter) and flash any of our OTS maps to meet your specific vehicle’s needs!

We were among the first in the world to unlock the MG1 ECUs with our own solution/core software. After sixteen months of hard work, research and development we were able to bring down flashing time to just 15 -20 seconds. This will enhance your flashing experience as well as provide a safer environment. We know that maintaining your warranty through software modification is a key deciding factor when considering a tune for your car. Rest assured, our JR Auto Performance software is designed to keep your CVN (Checksum Verification Number) and flash counter untouched. This means our software will be virtually invisible to dealer level diagnostic tools.

Between creating our flashing tool and extensively testing our performance software, on our in-house dyno, we had our work cut out for us. For starters we purchased a brand new F30 340i B58 with MPPSK which we used to develop our solution for programming. Day in and day out, tirelessly for over seven months we worked towards unlocking the SPC5777M MCU that runs the DME861. Our tester car had MPPSK software equipped on it to begin with. We decided to flash/downgrade our 340i with non MPPSK (stock non-performance software) and establish a baseline. From this stock (non-performance) flash we began our research and development. Analyzing and studying software documents along with a multitude of test runs and extensive data logging, on both the dyno and the road, enabled us to deliver an outstanding product.

Our facility is equipped with a V-Tech dynamometer, that provides very accurate and realistic graphs and numbers. For all our dyno runs the horsepower/torque values are at the crankshaft, the same way BMW rates their engines. More info and dyno graphs:

MG Flasher offers many unique functions within the application, most of the features are listed below:

  • Flash various tunes

  • Custom Code with Unique Features:

    • Switchable Maps On-The-Fly

    • Antilag On-The-Fly

    • Dynamic Exhaust Burble On-The-Fly

    • Max Cooling On-The-Fly

    • Torque Limit Adjustability

  • Read/Clear DTC codes

  • Reset various adaptation values like - mixture adaptation, VANOS, fuel system, Valvetronic Lift, increment wheel

  • additional options available with each OTS map: speed limiter removal, cold start removal (off road use only), disable catalyst (off road use only), kick down deactivation

  • Data logging & export (.csv file) - log real time data and plot them into graphs for troubleshooting and optimizing or monitor crucial parameters like boost pressure, timing etc.

Read our and before you begin work with MG Flasher solution.

MG Flasher @ 2021