Required hardware

Android and iOS users

It is strongly recommended to use ENET Wi-Fi connection for its fast speed and to reduce the risk of cables disconnecting

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  • ENET cable + Ethernet to USB adapter

Check with the device’s manufacturer if your device is compatible with ethernet connectivity through a USB - Ethernet adapter for ENET cable support. Alternatively, if you are using an ENET Wi-Fi adapter, ensure your device has Wi-Fi connectivity. Here is a convenient table of requirements depending on the connectivity method you choose:



  1. Ethernet to USB adapter*

  1. ENET Wi-Fi Adapter

  1. ENET cable


Choose Micro-USB or USB-C adapter to match your device

NOTE: The Micro-USB plug was replaced on modern devices with USB Type C. Determine which of these two plugs is appropriate for your device and purchase any required adapters with the correct interface.



ENET cable (connected through an ethernet adapter to a phone)

We highly recommend purchasing good quality cables. Some cables sold on the open market are poor quality/design and could lead to complications during the flashing process.

ENET cables, Ethernet adapters and OTG USB adapters can be purchased on Amazon or eBay.

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