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With Custom Flash option you receive free access to many adjustable parameters like exhaust burble, speed limiter removal, cold start removal (off road use only), catalytic converter delete (dcat, off road use only), etc. Those options can be adjusted anytime from your device.
Additionally our unique On The Fly functions (Custom Code ver6.0 and higher) can be achieved and activated by custom tuner with individual maps adjustment based on Custom Tuners - Map Pack Guide CC v6.9

Flashing License activation is required to be able to access Custom Flash option. Activate/Unlock the ECU flashing procedure must be done before using Custom Flash option (see
This is an example of how a stock file is named when using our app: “btld_3075-000.001.032_swfl_3076-080.017.002_swfk_3c9a.xml.080_017_001”, or “ConnectedCar_3c9a_VIN###“.org
The original file is available in Custom Flash area after the car is activated in MGFlasher/Maps folder on your device (Android), or shared via cloud to your computer (iOS)


  • Press “Custom Map” button in the Flashing menu, click “Continue” to show available files.

  • Download stock file to your device and share it to your computer (click on the small gear icon located on the right, next to the file name and hit share button)

  • Use your favorite editor to apply your custom tuning.

  • Do not perform and any checksum calculations, MG Flasher will do this for you during upload.

  • Save the file with any name you like for example: “Stage1.bin”, “customfile1”. Make sure you can easily recognize later.

  • Upload custom tune file/files to your device using “Upload Mod” button on the “Custom Map” page.

  • Select the file you wish to flash.

  • Connect device to the vehicle.

  • Ensure all vehicle preparations have been fulfilled (see Vehicle requirements and preparation for flashing).

  • Turn ignition ON by pressing the START button twice without touching the brake.

  • Select the tune you wish to flash and click “Continue to Custom Options” - you will be presented with the various options like exhaust burble, cold start removal, speed limiter removal, etc. Pick what you need and then hit “Continue”. You can flash as many customs maps as you like and switch between them.

  • Before flashing, a check of your custom tune will be performed, and all checksums and RSA corrections calculated. Flashing process will start, do not disconnect your phone, do not exit app, do not turn the ignition off during that time.