Custom Code Release Notes

As of v7.0, Custom Code is now available via MG Flasher’s Cloud Services. This makes Custom Code independent of the MG Flasher app. Updates to Custom Code will be made available without the need to update the MG Flasher app. Up until v7.0, the app included release notes for all Custom Code changes. We can now provide the Custom Code changes in detail on this page.

Custom Code v7.x

Detailed release notes for Custom Code v7.0 and newer:


Custom Code Older Than v7.0

These versions were tightly integrated with the MG Flasher app during their release. Thus majority of the release notes were integrated with the MG Flasher app’s release notes. Here is a brief summary:

Launch control, antilag, was added in v6.9. It included the ability to use when standing or rolling. It was improved through versions 6.9.x by adding PID control for boost and the option to use fuel cut or ignition cut to hold engine speed (RPM). The BC button was also added to be used, just like the RES button, for accessing Switchable Maps or making a selection through the Custom Code menus.

Switched from pedal & MSA button control of Custom Code features, to Cruise Control buttons. All custom created map locations used for Switchable Maps were made uniform for all supported software versions to make it easier for custom tuners.

Switchable Maps was extended to switch between more OEM maps to support ethanol blends.

Max Cooling On-The-Fly was added to the feature list. Partial release for Gen 1 G-Series was made available. Switchable Maps were disabled for G-Series.

The first release of Switchable Maps and Dynamic Burbles On-The-Fly.

MG Flasher @ 2021