EEPROM Storage

As of Custom Code v7.0, On-The-Fly settings are stored in EEPROM

A bug in Custom Code v7.0 prevented the saving process from being triggered. This has been resolved in Custom Code v7.0.1

Long term storage of On-The-Fly feature settings

On-The-Fly (OTF) settings will be preserved between flashes, battery changes, other maintenance tasks. OTF settings include Switchable Map slot selection, Burble aggression level, Max Cooling status, Antilag standstill RPM setpoint, and any newer features that are released with OTF support. This will eliminate the need for adjustment of OTF settings after flashing, providing a more user friendly integration of features.


Requires an ignition cycle to initiate saving. Data storage is triggered when ignition is turned on. For example, set Max Cooling status, turn ignition off, wait 5 seconds, turn ignition on and it will be stored to the ECU’s long-term storage.

MG Flasher @ 2021