Valet Mode On-The-Fly

Instructions for using Valet Mode can be found here:

Valet Mode On-The-Fly restricts your vehicle’s performance when enabled. Users can set a maximum vehicle speed, engine speed, and torque. If any of these are surpassed, a flag will be set, the engine light will continue to blink until Valet Mode is disabled (even through a power cycle), indicating to the vehicle’s owner that the parameters have been exceeded. When the valet mode exceeded limits flag has been set, the ECU will map out a lowered power/torque curve.

Valet Mode On-The-Fly is used when letting someone else drive your vehicle. It has multiple safety features with how it will limit power and speed of the vehicle.

When one of the limits have been exceeded in valet mode, the check engine light starts blinking and stays on until valet is turned off.

MG Flasher @ 2021