Motiv ReFlex

Support for Motiv’s ReFlex module has been added in Custom Code v7.2

Motiv’s ReFlex module enable users to install Port Injection (PI) on their vehicle to assist with all fueling needs. MG Flasher has added the ability for the DME to communicate with the ReFlex.

The ReFlex system must be connected to the PT-CAN2 network and configured to communicate over CAN ID 0x334.

Initial support

MG Flasher has added the ability to log various parameters from the ReFlex module directly in the MG Flasher app with the latest Custom Code (v7.2+):

  • System status

  • Ethanol content

  • Low pressure fuel pressure

  • Ethanol PI scaling factor

  • PI DC raw

  • PI DC post factor

  • Aux1 Output DC

  • Aux2 Output DC

Custom Code can also detect errors from the ReFlex and enter MG Flasher’s own Limp Mode:

  • This will prevent the vehicle from building any boost

  • The Check Engine Light (CEL) will slowly blink

  • There will be Custom Code DTCs shown when scanning for DTC codes in the MG Flasher app

When in a Custom Code related DTC is present, you can read it from the MG Flasher’s “Read DTC” diagnostic page:

MG Flasher @ 2021