Custom Code

MG Flasher’s Custom Code features are developed to provide unique functionality to replace/extend/improve OEM operation of your vehicle’s Digital Motor Electronics (DME/ECU). For example, many automatic BMWs have standing launch control built into their software, however, they do not have rolling launch control. MG Flasher provides both standing and rolling launch control, antilag, for both automatic and manual BMWs.


Custom Code offers a wide selection of features that are customizable to the user. Not all features will be available for every software version or Custom Code version. You can find more info about the features available on the MG Flasher platform at this link:


If you are having trouble using the Cruise Control settings to enable/disable On-The-Fly features, take a look at You can check the current EEPROM values of each feature that’s installed on your ECU, and set values directly from the app.

Supported Software Versions

Different ECU software versions support different Custom Code versions. To see which Custom Code version is available for your ECU, take a look at this page:

Release Notes

As of Custom Code version 7.0, MG Flasher has moved towards cloud based releases. This allows us to release new Custom Code updates without releasing a new app update. Each Custom Code release will now contain release notes separate from the MG Flasher app release notes. You can view the Custom Code release notes here: .


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