Ethanol Content Display

Details about Ethanol Content Display can be found in the main article:


This feature allows users to read the vehicle’s Ethanol Content On-The-Fly. To read the ethanol sensor’s value, mark that the sensor is installed when flashing.


Ethanol sensor isn’t required. Users can override the ethanol content using:

Engine needs to be running for tachometer to be controlled

How to read Ethanol Content Display:

  1. Hold the rocker all the way up to showcase the Ethanol Content Display.

Rocker held all the way to top position
  1. Tachometer will move to the measured amount of ethanol at the sensor (or to the override value). Each number on Tachometer correlates to 1 percent. For example, 2000 RPM = 20% Ethanol content.

Tachometer showing 20% Ethanol
  1. Letting go of the rocker after reading the Ethanol Content, goes back to normal driving displays


MG Flasher @ 2021